"On August 27, 2009 I came down with what is known as Bell's Palsy. A condition that affects the 7th cranial nerve and leaves one side of your face paralyzed. This happened two days after the birth of my third child. I was not only overwhelmed with the uncertainties of a newborn baby (& two other children) but was terrified that I was going to be permanently paralyzed.

When one is diagnosed with this illness the doctors can only tell you to be patient. It could be weeks or even years before you are back to normal. For myself, this was terrifying. What if I could never smile again?

So, I decided to research acupuncture. I heard many people finding success with it. A friend of mine recommended Brigette and told me she was wonderful. I gave her a call. She was so kind and agreed to see me right away. I was relieved that she knew about this condition and had success in healing people who had had it for many years.

Well, to my amazement my cheek began to move just three days after the first procedure. My husband was shocked! I was beyond amazed!

I did several more visits with Brigette until I had full functioning back with my face.

I firmly believe that Brigette healed me. I do not know what I would do if I hadn't met her (as I was at the lowest place that I have ever been.) She not only healed my face, she healed my spirit as well.

I would recommend anyone who has an ailment to seek out acupuncture with Brigette. She is a true healer and is an awesome gift to our community."

K. G.

Hello Brigette!

"J & I just wanted to thank you for your help- I don't think I ever would have gotten pregnant without it. Now we have a beautiful baby boy."


Dear Brigette,

"Just can't say thank you enough for helping to bring this amazing little person into my life. It is more wonderful than I had even imagined. I don't know how I would have made this journey without your nurturing of both body and mind over the last years."

With gratitude, K.

"I had suffered from severe headaches for three years and had begun to think that there was no hope. They were severely curtailing my work and social activities. The last few months I was having them every day, sometimes at nearly the exact time and the pain was excruciating. Fortunately, I happened to be watching TV one Sunday night and a local station aired a story on a local acupuncturist. I figured what the heck. I had determined that my condition was called "cluster headaches" and that Western science had no idea what caused them or how to treat them with any success. I made an appointment with Brigette and after six treatments the frequency and severity of the headaches had diminished considerably. Shortly after my last treatment they went away completely! Put me down on the list of believers!"

L.T.-South Bend, IN

"Allergies had seemingly become a permanent part of my life. Not only did I have environmental allergies, but certain foods would trigger an attack as well. As luck would have it those foods were some of my favorites. My husband supported me, but seeing me incapacitated with very severe reactions had to be very trying for him. I heard about a local acupuncturist who, I was told, could help alleviate my suffering. Besides being very pleasant and reassuring, Brigette has opened my eyes to a whole new world of health care possibilities. I am having many fewer attacks these days and am even able to eat some of those "forbidden foods." I'm so thankful that I listened to my friend!"

J.G.-Mishawaka, IN

"I'm not in any regular competition, except with myself. I think fitness should be a part of every persons life. About a year ago I developed a pretty severe case of Plantar Fasciitis and could hardly walk, much less run without having pain. Being fit was such a big part of my self image that I was becoming increasingly disappointed with my doctors inability to fix things. The meds would reduce the pain for a short while but never long enough to make me feel like myself again. I had read somewhere that Acupuncture was useful in treating this condition. Admittedly skeptical but still willing to give it a shot, I looked in the phone book and found a local practitioner. It took a few treatments before I began to notice a real difference but boy am I thankful that I stuck with it. The pain is completely gone now and I'm back up to my usual pace. I think, if it's possible, I feel even better than I did before! If anyone ever asked, I would happily recommend Brigette."

T.G.-Niles, Michigan