As a trained practitioner, Brigette will inspect the whole body noticing posture, the conditions of hair, skin, eyes and the amount of apparent energy of the patient. She will pay particular attention to the sound of the voice and the effort or lack thereof in breathing. The pulse is felt not only for rate but also quality. Finally, the patient is ask a number of seemingly unrelated questions about his or her habits and complaints in addition to those provided on the pre-submitted assessment form. All of this information acquisition is done so that she can obtain a clear mental image of all those things that may be contributing to your condition.

It is only then that you and she arrive at a method of treatment to facilitate your recovery. Once the problem area(s) are determined, extremely fine, hair thin needles are inserted into the skin along those meridians that supply energy to the affected joints, muscles or organs. These needles are often felt with the intensity equivalent to that of a mosquito bite if felt at all. Great attention is paid to your comfort and she will adjust the room temperature accordingly. Soft, relaxing music plays in the background as you are encouraged to experience the process at a deep level.

This entire process takes approximately forty-five minutes to an hour and a half depending on the treatment and the severity of the symptoms. This process is so relaxing that patients frequently fall asleep which also aids in the healing process. It should be noted that these needles are made of stainless steel and are only used once. Therefore, there is no possibility that they can be a source of transmitted disease.